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Female Aesthetic Genital Plastic Surgery


What is Female Aesthetic Genital Plastic Surgery?


Labiaplasty is another word for female aesthetic genital plastic surgery and it is performed in the inner vaginal lips, called the labia minora, to minimize the size and appearance. This is a concern for many women and with the benefits of labiaplasty including increased confidence, more comfort in clothing, reduced pain and discomfort, improved hygiene and health, and increased sexual pleasure.


The Procedure:


There are two general approaches:


  • Wedge procedure. With this approach, your surgeon removes a wedge or pie-shaped piece of tissue from the inner areas of one or both sides of your labia minora. They leave the submucosa intact so that when the labia is stitched (sutured), the wrinkled edge of the labia remains intact. This retains a more natural look for the labia minora. Similarly, an inner portion of each labium of your labia majora can also be removed if you’re having surgery to reduce the labia majora.


  • Trim procedure. With this approach, your surgeon removes excess tissue from the outer edge of one or both sides of your labia minora so that it’s even with or receded from the edges of your labia majora.



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